I Want it !

Here you'll find the latest snapshot of Feelin.

Because Feelin is an open-source project, you can download its sources as well as binary packages for 68k (classic and WinUAE) and if you are lucky, AOS4, MorphOS and AROS. Have fun, and many thanks for giving Feelin a try. Don't hesitate to tell me what you think about it, what you like, what you miss, what you wish... any feedback is welcome, even warm congratulations :-)

Before you start downloading, I would like to thank the following people : Guillaume ROGUEZ for his precious help on the MorphOS port, his additionnal code and inspiring advices, his patience and wisdom. Jean-Christophe FRISCH for his precious help on the AOS4 port, his additionnal code and his infinite patience. Damir SIJAKOVIC for all the graphics, themes and emails he sent me. Darren GRIFFITHS for sponsoring me a Cubic IDE package, my first reward for Feelin, I love it ! And all of you who sent me tons of really nice emails. Thanks !!

Release note

Feelin has only been tested under WinUAE and OS4. Users with no graphics cards may experience troubles particuliarly when trying to use pictures, since remaping is currently disabled. This issue doesn't affect colors which are still allocated using shared pens.

The preference editor is disabled for this release. Changes related to the new styles support where too deep and too many to fix the preference editor in time for this release. You can still edit CSS files manualy, which is a source of great fun ! ;-)

A note about provided CSS files in the "/resources/themes/" folder: only the "Aqua", "Crystal" and "Unity" themes have been updated, the others use deprecated items.


Because Feelin is available to different machines, the distribution has been splet into several packages: The first package you should download is the common package because it contains the files shared regardless your machine or OS (C support files, icons, demos' sources, resources...) a must have. Then, download the binary package of your choice. They contain the library and the classes as well as the executables of the demos. Finally, if you are very interested in Feelin you can also download its sources.

release readme sources common 68k os4 mos aros

The packages are hosted on Aminet.


GNU Make 3.81 (2006/04/01)

I was so pissed off at the ixemul-based-make for m68k that I decided to compile a new version with SAS/C. The package is seriously bad, still I manage to get a working version : Make 3.81 (executable only).

Sources : http://ftp.gnu.org/pub/gnu/make/